Ultra Finishing to reduce lead times

17 Jul, 14

Logistics partner to improve picking, reduce stock and improve lead times from Chrina

Manufacturer Ultra Finishing aims to grows its revenues by 40% following a partnership with logistics business Advanced Supply Chain.

Ultra supplies a range of bathroom products including baths, showers taps and towel rails and sources from across China. A five-year contract will see Advanced Supply Chain streamline its international supply chain. 

Ultra and Advanced are currently working to roll-out radio frequency handsets to improve picking accuracy and stock inventory transparency at its four warehouses around the globe. This will allow Ultra to reduce stock levels by approximately 20%, while reducing delivery lead times from China to the UK. 

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Mick Dancy, CEO of Advanced Supply Chain said: “Ultra… was keen to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of its supply chain in a bid to grow revenues, while also increasing levels of customer satisfaction through better picking and delivery schedules.”

Tony Wood, CEO of Ultra Finishing commented: “Advanced is helping us to ensure the quality of our supply chain is as good as the products we’re moving and selling. Working together, we are reducing administration and processes, while freeing-up warehouse space and improving the overall end-to-end operation. This is already benefitting productivity, driving outputs and the number of daily dispatches to customers.”