Water-saving bathroom sales on rise

18 Aug, 14

Water-saving plumbing products estimated to be a £164million market, claims AMA

According to AMA Research, the UK market for water-saving products is on the rise and estimated to be £164million at Manufacturers Selling Prices (MSP) in 2013. 

During 2009-2012 the market remained flat, but according to AMA an improving economy and new housebuild has seen an increase in sales.

Demand for water-saving bathrooms have come from new developments being built in areas of water stress and a doubling of single person households since the 1970s.

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In addition, there has been a growth in the number of second bathrooms, with AMA reporting 22% of UK homes have two or more bathrooms and 41% have two or more cloakrooms or ensuites.

Showers and taps hold the greatest share of water-efficient bathroom sales, followed by WCs. 

According to AMA Research, by 2018, the market value is forecast to be around £220million, with sales up 35% compared to the market size in 2013.

Director at AMA Research, Keith Taylor commented“The replacement of inefficient WCs in particular will be motivated by more widespread water metering and the rising cost of water. Nearly two thirds of water is used in the bathroom either for showering, hand washing/bathing or flushing the toilet. With around 7 million inefficient high flush WCs still in use in the UK, there is a significant replacement opportunity that could achieve substantial water savings.”

He added: “Furthermore, most new-build schools, colleges, offices, government buildings, multi-residential and retail buildings will be designed to meet a higher BREEAM rating.”