Web plumbing sales up 50% by 2018

06 Feb, 14

The UK internet plumbing market will be worth £311m in 2018, up 50% on 2013 according to report

According to a recent report, it is estimated the UK plumbing market will be worth £311million, an increase of over 50% compared to 2013.

The Internet Plumbing and Heating Market Report UK 2014-2018 Analysis, by AMA Research, stated in 2013 the internet plumbing market was worth around £200million at Distributors’ Selling Prices. This represents a 13% increase on the previous years.

Despite the tough economy, it suggests the internet market has remained buoyant, as it has offered lower prices and added convenience, capitalising on weak consumer confidence and lower levels of disposable income.

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According to AMA Research, it was estimated in 2013 around 75% of plumbing products sold on the internet were through online retailers, with 65% of these not having a showroom.

The market research suggests the future of internet plumbing sales will be driven by the overall trends in online shopping, technological improvements and levels of consumer confidence and expenditure.

However, the report also indicates the pace of growth in the internet plumbing market will slow down in the next five years as the market matures, though saturation of internet users and fewer new suppliers entering the market.