Abode names customer services leader

Danny Atkinson will lead the customer services department, developing and delivering post-sales care

19 Nov, 18

Sink and tap manufacturer Abode has named Danny Atkinson as customer service team leader.

He has worked for the company for eight years and was a warehouse operative for five years.

Atkinson then moved to the customer service department to answer customers’ technical queries.

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Abode names customer services leader

Abode names customer services leader as Danny Atkinson

In his new role, Atkinson will use his knowledge of Abode products and manage the customer service department.

The team has recently welcomed three additions, with the appointments of Ros Ormston, James Dickson and Mike Beavon.

Responsible for leading the customer service department, Atkinson will deliver and develop post-sales service.

Abode recently reported a 12.3% increase of revenue to £7.3million.