HiB staff trained in mental health first aid

Nine employees trained in mental health

14 May, 19

Bathroom manufacturer HiB has trained nine of its staff as Mental Health First Aid Champions.

HiB staff trained in mental health first aid

According to research conducted by GriD, less than a fifth of companies (18%) are taking steps to manage employee stress and mental health.

This is despite 1:7 people experience mental health problems in the workplace and 300,000 people with mental health problems lose their job each year.

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HiB’s Mental Health First Aid Champions (MHFAC) have been tasked with improving mental health awareness across the business.

Following training, they now have an in-depth understanding of factors that can affect wellbeing, enabling them to destigmatise mental health topics in professional and personal lives.

Customer and employee experience manager at HiB Emma Cuggy commented: “We at HiB pride ourselves on our strong sense of community, and believe that supporting one another is the key to a happy and successful working environment.

“Unfortunately, many companies do not take mental health as seriously as they should, and this can have a serious impact on employees.

“By training nine designated Mental Health First Aid Champions from within the HiB staff, we hope to not only provide a number of safe and confidential outlets for our employees, but to create a culture which recognises the importance of mental wellness, and promotes acceptance and understanding.”

A 2018 study by the Mental Health Foundation revealed nearly three quarters of Britons felt overwhelmed by stress.

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