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Wall panels have come a long way

Panels have evolved way beyond their beige roots and now offer more choice than any other wall covering, says managing director of Fibo UK Scott Beattie

14 May, 18

In the quest to balance functionality and style, the range of wall coverings for kitchens and bathrooms has extended far beyond traditional ceramic tiles.

Glass, wood, metal, stone, and concrete are all used to achieve a variety of effects.

There is one wall covering that offers all these styles in one easy-to-install system but using it requires overcoming significant prejudice.

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Wall panels have come a long way in recent years.

Once known as a low-end product used in social housing and the public sector for large scale projects, modern wall panels are a world away from their beige, utilitarian predecessors.  

Developments in design and technology have combined to produce high-quality finishes, textures and colours which fit with any style of property.

Industrial, traditional, contemporary – there’s a panel to suit every theme – and designers can mix and match to create the latest looks.

High-gloss, bold colours, statement patterns, matt effect, concrete, terrazzo, or even ceramic tile effects can all be achieved without the hassle of tiling.  

Bathroom with fibo uk wall panels

Fashionable and flexible

Tiling is time-intensive, so making the right style choice is essential.

But tastes change over time and that bold pop of colour chosen to fit with 2018’s trends might look dated in five years.

Wall panels are easy to fit and can be fixed on top of existing wall coverings, so it’s much easier to transform the overall look of a room by changing the walls. 

This ease of installation also represents considerable cost and time savings on a typical project.

There’s no need to make good the walls and no delay while the plaster dries because panels can be fitted directly to walls or onto stud partitioning.

They are simply fixed to a wooden batten frame and finished with a sealant between the joints.

There’s also no need to employ a specialist tiler because installing wall panels is well within the scope of a builder. 

The all-important accessories that personalise and customise a bathroom or kitchen can easily be added too.

Drilling a hole in a panel is straightforward and, unlike tiles, there’s no risk of cracking or shattering, so heavier items can be secured to the wall through the panel. 

Kitchen with fibo uk wall panels

Easy to maintain 

Modern high quality panels are made from laminated plywood with an additional laminated layer on the back, so there’s no need to worry about water ingress.

Once installed they are waterproof so can withstand wetroom, bathroom or steamy kitchen conditions.

Panels can be finished to look and feel like tiles, even down to narrow 3D channels to replicate grouting, removing all the hassle and disadvantages of grouting.

There’s no need to renew or repair it, no need to try and keep it clean and no mould growth – a major selling point for homeowners.  

Kitchens and bathrooms need to be functional and easily maintained – but they also need to look stylish, and designers have to offer customers a choice that reflects the latest trends.

Innovations in design mean wall panels now offer the styles, colours, and textures to effortlessly give any kitchen or bathroom the ‘wow’ factor.  


Fibo UK Scott Beattie managing director

Scott Beattie – Managing Director of Fibo UK



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