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Connected American-style fridge-freezer unveiled by Siemens

Fridge freezer can help plan meals and keeps food fresher for longer

09 Jan, 20

Household appliance manufacturer Siemens has recently introduced the KA92DHXFP, a connected American-style fridge-freezer in a BlackSteel finish.


Connected American-style fridge-freezer unveiled by Siemens 1


It features a pair of networked cameras in the fridge to take photos of the contents whenever the door is closed.

The images can be accessed via the Home Connect app, allowing owners to check what’s in the fridge at any time and from wherever they are on a phone or tablet.

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The Home Connect app also helps to plan meals by calling up recipes and checking the nutritional value of food in the fridge with tips about the best climate zones for storage.

In addition, the connected American-style fridge-freezer features a freshness system which is designed to make food last longer in the fridge.

Uniform cooling via the multiAirflow system and HyperFresh Plus climate zones have been included to keep fish, meat, fruit and vegetables fresh for longer.

The temperature can be set between 0°C and +4°C depending on the individual compartment, and the humidity can also be adjusted.

Category manager of built-in cooling at BSH Home Appliances Valerie Posner commented: “This new American-style fridge-freezer combines some of our latest technologies into a fantastic design.

“With our hyperFresh Plus feature, you can keep fruit and vegetables fresher for longer, while the freezer remains frost-free thanks to our noFrost ventilation system.

“This is all complemented by our Home Connect technology, meaning you can check the contents of your fridge on-the-go with the cameras in the fridge, to name just one feature.”

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