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Falmec | Spazio

Spazio is now available in a more compact version for smaller kitchens

18 Nov, 20

Designed by Francesco Lucchese, the Spazio hood from extraction specialist Falmec is now available in a more compact version for smaller kitchens.

Falmec | Spazio

The compact model measures 1300mm but boasts all the features of the original 1800mm, German Design Award-winning Spazio hood.

Avaiable in stainless steel or a black painted steel finish, Spazio 130 is an island structure with two supporting units which has a smoked glass shelf and ‘green’ area designed for a small, home garden.

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It is available with optional accessories such as trays and a light kit for indoor cultivation.

The hood also houses electrical sockets and USB ports to connect and recharge portable devices.

Completing the specification, Spazio 130 boasts a fitted channel for kitchen equipment, a kitchen roll holder and spice rack, place a tablet rest.

It forms part of the Circle.Tech collection, which boasts models designed to allow the outgoing air spread evenly and filtered using activated charcoal and zeolite.

The Spazio 130, from Falmec, has a 600m3/h motor and by using Carbon.Zeo filters it can absorb water vapour and organic compounds during cooking.