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Kitchen trends to watch in 2024

We check out the top 5 kitchen trends set to impact home design in 2024

24 Jan, 24

We check out the top 5 kitchen trends set to impact home design in 2024

Kitchen trends of 2022 1

Where the kitchen was once the hub of the home, it is now the epicentre of modern life – from cooking, eating and entertaining through to working.

It not only needs to service more functions, but with more generations living under one roof, supported by the cost-of-living crisis, it may have to cater for more people’s needs too.

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As such versatility will remain key in planning, as well as stylistic and material choices, as kitchens become less predictable with consumers personalising their homes with texture and colour.

Think introduction of woods with an array of earth colours, appliance nooks from coffee stations through to cocktail bars, redesigned islands with multi-levels and ease of use technology.

All of this will be wrapped up in a focus on wellbeing – a phrase often used for bathrooms – but now entering the kitchen space.

As consumers are spending more time in the kitchen, over the next 12 months, there will be a clear focus on attributes that impact health – from quality of air, water and light through to noise levels in the space.

And although relatively slow to take off in kitchen interiors, sustainable and eco-friendly choices are argued to grow in significance this year, as consumers are becoming more aware of the impact of their choices.

Industry experts suggest consumers making quality choices and seeking timeless design will play into this, as it provides longevity in a kitchen scheme.

UK managing director of Euromobel/Sachsenküchen Bodie Kelay offers his overview: “Looking ahead, although there are still economic pressures, it’s essential for retailers to continue elevating and differentiating their furniture offering to appeal to the mid-to-upper markets.”

So, here we highlight five key kitchen trends which will bring value to consumers in 2024.

  1. Natural materials

Following the Scandi influences of 2023, natural and biophilic materials will continue to be a key look for kitchens with an array of stones and timber aesthetics.

Kitchen trends to watch in 2024

Crown Imperial Uno is available in nine shades and is shown here in Taupe and Textura Taupe Oak, pairing tone and texture.


Porcelain has become the next big thing for worktops and wood has made a return from Oak through to Walnut.

Timber and wood effects can be combined with a variety of colours –  from the ever popular blues and greens through to the more recent terracotta tones.

Commercial director of Crown Imperial Tony McCarthy comments: “We envisage in 2024 the trend for ‘bringing the outside in’ will increase in popularity, as customers consumers use complementary shades as well as natural wood styles to create a timeless kitchen schene.”

And brand manager at Masterclass Kitchens Cassie Jones agrees: “In 2024, nature-inspired features will continue to take centre stage in the form of natural stone, wood and earthy hues.”

  1. Versatility

From the wider spatial plan to the choice of select items, versatility is key for the modern kitchen.

Kitchen trends to watch in 2024 1

Bloomsbury from Masterclass Kitchens is shown in Sage Green with an Olive dresser.


Commercial director of Brandt Design Julia Steadman explains: “2024 is all about shaping the kitchen space in line with your home and lifestyle, with equal thought now being paid to functional spaces, as well as relaxation areas.”

Think defined and decorative storage, split level worktops and seated spaces through to workhorse multifunction sinks and taps, the need for the kitchen to be flexible in its uses has never been more apparent.

Sales and marketing director for Sinks & Taps at Rangemaster James Cunningham adds: “One of the key sink and tap trends continuing in 2024 is versatility, from material choice to functionality.”

  1. Wellbeing

With more users spending an increasing amount of time in the kitchen space, the need for interior design to enhance wellbeing has accelerated.

Kitchen trends to watch in 2024 2

Franke‘s Mythos Air Hub features an air sanitisation to eliminates vapours and cooking odours and up to 99.99% of bacteria. Pictured is the Ceiling Air Hub with a noise level of 60dB.


Designers must now consider the holistic environment with light, air and noise, as significant to the spatial design as look, feel and function.

Sales and marketing director at Franke UK Jo Sargent comments: “The wellbeing-led design trend is likely to play a significant role in shaping the kitchen design narrative in 2024 as consumers continue to prioritise creating sustainable, healthy and safe living spaces.

“We have identified water, air and noise as key topics that influence wellbeing and have incorporated into our portfolio products.”

Whereas Novy has considered the quality of light, as sales and marketing director of Middleby residential UK – premium channel Jenny Hyatt explains: “Traditionally, an overhead cooker hood would provide the illumination over a hob, so the trend for vented hobs has resulted in different types of kitchen lighting to be specified.

“This ranges from decorative pendant lighting over a kitchen island to the use of LED strip lighting on, or beneath, open shelving.”

  1. Artificial intelligence

Making its way throughout the business and consumer world, AI is undoubtedly a trend to watch in kitchen appliances.

Kitchen trends to watch in 2024 3

Whether it’s a fridge freezer which knows to regulate temperature before a shopping load arrives, a washing machine which can advise on laundry programme from a photo or oven which can identify food types, AI is going to grow in importance in 2024.

Head of connected home at BSH Jame Kingston says: “in 2024, the question on everyone’s mind will be ‘Are you integrating AI into your appliances?’

“Siements latest Wi-Fi-enabled ovens are equipped with a camera that uses AI to determine the desired level of browning.

“Soon, using AI, the ovens will automatically be able to detect what dish is in the oven and suggest the right oven settings.”

  1. Sustainability

It may have taken a while to take hold in kitchen retail but with the economy encouraging consumers to save on resources, to save money and seeking longevity has opened the door to conversations about sustainability.

Kitchen trends to watch in 2024 4

Prepstation D-150 is just one of Schock‘s sink models included in the company’s closed loop recycling programme.


UK national sales manager of Keller Tim Spann says: “The importance of sustainability has been slow to feed through into retail in the UK.

“However, we are now beginning to see consumer pull-though for sustainability-led kitchen solutions more and more.”

National sales manager at The 1810/Company Schock Neil Cockcroft points out: “Sustainability takes centre stage with eco-friendly sink options.

“Schock is committed to providing environmentally-conscious choices without compromising on style without closed loop recycling programme.”

Concluding, head of UK operations at Rotpunkt Matt Phillips adds sustainability will form a holistic view of the entire project: “Some of the best climate friendly kitchen solutions in 2024 will feature a range of ideas including furniture made of recycled material, indoor herb gardens, better air quality and smart home systems than conserve energy through energy-efficient lighting or smart appliances.”