Let it shine

22 Oct, 13

MD of Uber Furniture Bob Gonzalez talks metallics


Having launched the Kasai collection of metallic kitchen furniture, earlier this year, we ask Bob Gonzales of Uber Furniture about the trend and how it is influencing kitchen design

K&B News: There appears to be a recent kitchen design ‘movement’ towards metallic finishes, where has this originated from? And why now?

Bob Gonzalez (BG): The trend has been influenced by cars as well as fashion where metallics have been strong in clothing and accessories such as handbags, shoes and belts. Designers are now accentuating areas rather than a complete kitchen. For example island units, and metallics are the perfect solution.

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K&B News:  Is metallic a natural successor to a particular finish, or is it an addition to a showroom’s offer?

BG: Metallic is another finish in the designer’s palette. Gloss plain colours have been overtaken by silk or matt but matt used in the whole kitchen is too plain so metallics can be used to accentuate an area and create a personality. Some metallics, such as Ruby, are a novelty but others are more versatile and they are being used to accentuate and blend with other finishes.

K&B News: Having launched the Kasai Metallic range of finishes, what percentage of your showrooms have taken them on display?

BG: Most showrooms have samples as changing whole displays is something that happens rarely. The metallics need a theme around them and the whole showroom style needs to warrant it and be inspirational. 

K&B News: Have you found the demographic for metallic sales to be the same as the rest of your range, or is it a more premium price tag for the AB market?

BG: The demographic is AB1, B. The price tag is not high and there is not a premium as the finish only applies to the door. The price breakdown for a kitchen is /25% installation and /25% worktop, /25% appliances and /25% cabinets. Only 33% of the cabinet cost is the doors and you are paying 66% of this split with metallic.

K&B News: From your Kasai Metallic range of six colours, which is providing to be the most popular?

BG: Mercury and Rose Gold.

K&B News: What is your expectation of sales from the Kasai Metallic range and have you achieved those?

BG: We have not budgeted but the range has surpassed our expectations in terms of excitement and involvement.