WIN AEG Pro Combi Plus oven

28 Jul, 15

You can scoop this latest Pro Combi Plus oven featuring steam and sous vide

Expiry date: 2015-08-31

AEG has just launched the Pro Combi Plus oven which features adapted commercial technology for the domestic market, combing heat and steam, plus a sous vide function. According to AEG, it is the first combination steam oven that automatically steams, bakes, stews and roast food, as well as offering sous vide. It uses its FullTaste Steam system to automatically detect and adjust the amount of steam, moisture and heat applied to each dish.

All the user has to do is input the type of meal inside the combi steam oven and press start – the intelligent appliance then uses VarioGuide to select the oven function, temperature and cooking time. The autopilot function is also joined by 220 built-in recipes.

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The ThermiC°Air function is then designed to distribute the air evenly within the oven. And with steam and hot air working together, it means joints of meat, breads and gratins stay moist on the inside and crispy on the outside, controlled by the humidity sensor. Then, when the cooking cycle is over, the consumer can use the steam cleaning function.