WIN an AquaReturn

04 Jan, 17

Marking its launch into the UK you can scoop an AquaReturn appliance, worth £206.50, which helps save water and energy

Expiry date: 2017-01-31

Inventor Alfonso Cuervo-Arango designed AquaReturn, a domestic appliance that fits beneath a bathroom basin or kitchen sink and prevents the flow of water to a tap until it reaches 35°C. We are offering one lucky reader the chance to win the AquaReturn N8 model.

The European patented appliance works by sensing the water temperature in the tap feed pipe. When the hot water tap is switched on but the water is cold, it moves the water contained in the hot water pipe to the cold water pipe. It then recirculates the cold water to a boiler or water heater until it reaches 35°C in the tap. Once the water has reached the desired temperature, AquaReturn then beeps to inform the user hot water is available from any tap or from the shower.

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Negating the need to run off a lag of cold water, AquaReturn saves water, energy, and also the associated treatment of the wasted water, as the company reports it sends 25% less water to the sewer. The device can even save consumers’ time, as the water temperature is monitored automatically,rather than having to stand by a tap and hold a hand underneath the running water to check its warmth.

The amount of water and energy the appliance can save a household varies, depends on the number of people in the house, the size of the home and its geographical location. It is also determined by the distance of the tap from the boiler or water heater. But the Ministry of Economy in Spain reports AquaReturn can save on average around 28 litres of water per day or 10,000 litres per person per year.

AquaReturn is available either as a basic model, or with added frost protection system to help prevent damage created by frozen pipes. The frost protection model work works if the temperature is below 5°C. It moves the water inside its own pump warming it and then around the house until the temperature reaches 5°C, protecting pipes. AquaReturn has been included in Spanish building legislation and is considered a luxury feature in residential bathrooms. However, it also recommended to be used not just in houses but also in hospitality, leisure and commercial projects. AquaReturn has been used by architects to offer buildings which are more responsible with C02 emissions and water usage.

According to the company, the device will payback in six years in Spain, which (allowing for more expensive water in the UK) could be as little as one year in London.