Acquabella Q&A | “It has been a very special reunion.”

Fresh from appearing at Cersaie, we ask UK sales manager of Acquabella Roberto Heredia about the returning to exhibitions and solving stock issues.

02 Dec, 21

Fresh from appearing at Cersaie, we ask UK sales manager of Acquabella Roberto Heredia about the returning to exhibitions and solving stock issues

Acquabella Q&A | “It has been a very special reunión.”


Q: How is business?

A: Business is going really well, with the UK market growing 15-20% year-on-year.

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Acquabella has fronted several difficult challenges such as Brexit, pandemic and global shortage of raw materials.

All in all, we sorted all these issues, adapting very fast to the new scenario, and adjusting the new protocols in a timely manner.

I’m especially pleased with how we have managed at this “historical” time.

Q: You’re just participated at Cersaie – so how was it returning to a physical exhibition? What were your expectations in terms of visitors/ambience and did it meet with them?

A: Definitely, a very satisfactory experience to be back on the road!

After so long, it has been a very special reunion with customers.

I attach great importance to human relationships and we already wanted to interact outside of a TV screen. A real comeback with renewed energy.

Opal Quiz bath

The Opal Quiz bath and complementary basins are made from Akron, an antibacterial surface, and available in a Soft Aubergine


Q: How did Cersaie compare with your Virtual Tour online exhibition?

A: They go very hand in hand. We had a very special space at the stand in which you could live the full experience of the Acquabella Virtual Tour adding a new element: the 3D glasses.

The Acquabella Virtual Tour has been a pioneering tool to present our brand in every way.

For the UK, I have presented more than than 12 webinars and it is being implemented in many UK showrooms to show the customer our products in a way never experienced before.

Our stand at Cersaie was closely linked to the Virtual Tour since it recreated a very similar space and environment, telling a story and presenting the products in a different, original and innovative way as we always do.

Q: Acquabella is known for its stand design, so was your story of the stand and what were your hero launches?

A: Personally, I’m very happy with the last stand proposals we made around the world: in 2018 we recreated an architect studio; in 2019, the store; for 2021 we have built a Resort experience, inspired by Bali and transmitting a clear commitment to the new characteristics of the bathroom world: relaxation, calm, well-being, hygiene and health.

The 200sqm stand was divided into zones, including a swimming pool área where the sun loungers are made from shower trays.

The new product launches included the Opal Quiz bathtub, a texture called Arabba and new shower tray model Tempo, Flow Zero tray and Mini worktop.

Tempo shower tray

With a perimeter channel, the Tempo shower tray comes in an Arabba texture which simulates natural wove fibres


Q: Have you experienced any issues with stock shortages? What is your current lead time?

A: Starting the year, the entire sector experienced delays due to the scarcity of materials and consequential increase in the cost, especially the resin which are essential for manufacturing the Acquabella products.

However, we organised ourselves with new manufacturing plans to optimise resources, so the impact of the service has been minimal.

Q: How can retailers best help you managing stock issues and supply?

A: We already have new procedures in place, as Brexit and new customer rules added more difficulties for lead times.

We decided to incentivise deals with customers that committed to hold stock.

I’m personally happy because this is a new line of business for us and, at the same time, the customer is happy with a better rate and service. Service is key.

We also have plans to develop our own stock holding in the UK soon, outside any type of distributor.

Infinity worktop

Measuring up to 2200mm, the Infinity worktop is available with a choice of three basin sizes in 420, 520 and 620mm options


Q: Will you be exhibiting at Kbb Birmingham? Will it bear any resemblance to the show in Cersaie – in terms of size/story of the stand/product launches? If not, what will you be doing at Kbb Birmingham?

Of course! The fifth appearance of Acquabella is expected to be the best!

Since 2014 we have always believed in this exhibition; both KBB and Acquabella, hand in hand have collaborated to achieve the best possible show.

KBB 2022 will herald our return with the biggest and best stand ever. But it is still a secret.

Q: What are the biggest challenges for Acquabella?

A: For Acquabella, our biggest challenges will be developing the brand in the UK and Ireland achieving a prestige position and making customers feel they can rely on us.

We will also be focused on innovation, longevity of designs and becoming the reference and number one in our sector of products.

Having sorted all challenges in 2021, we are now stronger and ready for opportunities in the future.

Q: What are the biggest opportunities for Acquabella going forwards?

A: KBB is the big come back. We are now in a position of competing with the local suppliers and give customers the same quality and innovation with the best service ever.

Mini worktop

The Mini bathroom worktop by Acquabella is available in a single format (height 210 Mm, width 400 mm and depth 350 mm). It includes a towel rail in a polished steel or black finish.