Schmidt Q&A | Fashion house

International marketing and communication manager for Schmidt Emilie Kauffmann on its collaboration with French fashion icon Christian Lacroix Maison.

08 Dec, 21

International marketing and communication manager for Schmidt Emilie Kauffmann explains how and why the company has chosen to collaborate with French fashion icon Christian Lacroix Maison

Schmidt Q&A | Fashion house


Q) Could you tell us about how and when the collaboration between Schmidt and Christian Lacroix Maison came about and what values both companies share?

We started the collaboration with Christian Lacroix Maison mid-2020, during the lockdown.

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Our objective was to develop a collaboration with a famous designer in order to highlight our home design know-how.

We very quickly realised that we championed the same values and shared the same expertise.

Christian Lacroix Maison was our favourite choice as this is a French designer and we share the same values of design, creativity and dedicated to customers’ well-being.

Schmidt Q&A | Fashion house 1

Q) What were the initial discussions between Schmidt and Christian Lacroix Maison about the remit of the collaboration and what it would involve?

A) We are expert in home design for all interior solutions and so we would like to offer an exclusive print for every room in the home, kitchens, dressing rooms, bedrooms, and also for bathroom furniture.

Through our partnership with the French style and fashion icon Christian Lacroix Maison, we are providing the most beautiful illustration of this desire to transform our homes into well-being spaces offering a perfect fusion of aesthetics and functionality.


Q) Can you explain why Christian Lacroix Maison created the Algae Bloom pattern and can you tell us about the inspiration? 

A) With its contemporary and dreamlike creations, Christian Lacroix Maison revealed an unexpected, colourful and baroque world of style.

The Algae Bloom pattern is designed to be adapted to all interiors.

With a harmonious combination of precious minerals and marine flora, this design celebrates the rich and flamboyant natural environment that Schmidt and Christian Lacroix Maison have always used for their inspiration.

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Q) Can you give us some insight into the design process of such an intricate pattern and how long did it take to reach the end result? 

A) Algae Bloom pattern is digitally printed which gives an extreme finesse and depth to the decor.

It took about three months to reach this beautiful result in order to have the perfect colours that match with our Schmidt palette of colours, including Celest, Clay, Green Tea, Navy, Stardust and Nano Sencha.

Q) What were the biggest design challenges of creating a decor that is equally at home in the kitchen, bedroom and dressing room or do you find aesthetics are now merging across rooms?

Algae Bloom decor has been created to seamlessly adapt to all interiors, whether the kitchen, bedroom, dressing room, lounge or bathroom.

The rich and flamboyant pattern gives to the room some creativity and freshness.

Every room can be adorned with this finish, which has been digitally printed to emphasise its extreme finesse and depth. Its rich style will add a daring and creative touch to any space.

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Q) Is the Algae Bloom pattern exclusive to Schmidt in perpetuity, if not how long is the licence?

A) Algae Bloom pattern was launched exclusively for Schmidt for six months.

In January 2022, Christian Lacroix Maison will launch this pattern on some accessories of their collection but Schmidt will be the exclusive home designer offering this pattern.

Q) What has the reaction been like from interior and kitchen designers and end customers?

A) Algae Bloom is very much appreciated by our designers as they are very proud to offer such a beautiful collaboration between two French companies specialising in home design.

End customers love Algae Bloom pattern, this has been our best seller of our five exclusive prints.

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Q) Are there any plans to further the collaboration between Schmidt and Christian Lacroix Maison? 

A) Yes, this collaboration was thought to be a long-term relationship and we plan to further this collaboration in the next few years.