Keep calm and carry on KBB

27 Jun, 16

MD of furniture manufacturer Burbidge, Ben Burbidge says don’t dwell on Brexit

While the outcome was certainly a shock for many and will certainly have financial repercussions for the economy, we can only make the best of the situation.

Inevitably, the coming months and probably years will be uncertain and this may well have a dampening effect on the KBB market, as consumers defer making high ticket purchasing decisions and people weigh more carefully the commitment to borrow significant sums to buy-into the housing market. However, the decision has been made so all we can do is to continue to operate with ‘business as usual’ while we await further news on the exit strategy.

As one of the UK’s longest standing private companies, proudly manufacturing in Britain for almost 150 years, we will continue to invest in honing local talent and aiding the wider community. In this way, we can ensure a ‘Great’ Britain, as we look to the future.

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