Let’s keep a level head

04 Dec, 14

JT’s Paul Crossley reacts to the Autumn Statement

Whatever side of the political fence you sit on, as a business owner reliant on a strong economy, I welcome the news from the Chancellor’s Autumn statement.

After many restricted years of trading like many in our sector, JT has felt a recent pick-up in demand over the last 12 months; so it’s no surprise that growth is powering ahead at 3%.

But general elections can cause uncertainty and any potential change in policy is not ideal for businesses who want to plan, expand and innovate.

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I for one welcome the unexpected stamp duty boost to the market, the potential new sales opportunity for the public sector building plan and financial prudence and incentives to keep demand flowing at home and support of exports abroad. As a Leeds-based business, I am also encouraged by the comments made about building a ‘Northern Powerhouse@ and believe further investment in the North will help rebalance our economy in areas that have flourished over recent years.

Crucially if housing market buoyancy is supported, we as a sector will continue to cheer the economic fair wind, whoever resides in Number 10 come May 2015.