Vote kitchens!

30 Apr, 15

General Election 2015 is all about the kitchen

In the run-up to the General Election it’s hard to avoid politics and the very obvious question – no, not who is going to occupy Number 10 but how many kitchens should someone own? I say the more the merrier and I’m sure that would be the rallying cry from anyone who makes money designing and selling them. Seriously though, never has the kitchen been under so much scrutiny since Sam Cam first refurbished the apartment at number 11. In this election, the kitchen has been symbolic of a political heartland, and not just the heart of the home. The kitchen has been viewed and its contents have even been listed, to show how in touch a politician is with ‘the common man’ voter. Goodness knows what the Daily Mail would make of mine, with a lone two-pint of milk in the fridge and packets of goji berries and chai seeds in the cupboard shielding a tin of beans with mini pork sausages from view.

But the General Election – regardless of favoured party – always brings up the same debate. What will it mean for house moves and ultimately kitchen and bathroom sales? Will it encourage first time buyers buoying the house move market? What will be the impact on the economy and will voters have more disposable income to spend on luxury purchases? Or will the intensive media focus on the kitchen, just mean consumers take another look at these rooms, with a view to refurbishment?

We could all make our predictions, but it won’t be with certainty. And I won’t be taking the lead – particularly as my last endeavours haven’t proved so fruitful, as my Grand National winner came fifth, I thought Cambridge would win the Boat Race and that Paula Radcliffe had a chance in the London Marathon. But what does look more of a surety is that the lead-up to the election doesn’t seem to have stalled progress in kitchen or bathroom sales. Although B&Q is cutting its store estate, sales were up 1.9%, and national retailer Wren looks set to capitalise on business, investing in all its staff to upskill in design. That’s not a move by a company that thinks a downturn is on the horizon. And the independent sector seems to be flourishing too with reports of bursting order books into the summer.

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Let’s hope the new Government can help small businesses going forwards. Regardless of the outcome – what I would say with confidence – is vote kitchens (and obviously bathrooms)!