Why honesty is the best policy

Stewart Woodruff talks about the necessity for being honest with all your communications

13 Aug, 18

Owner of MBK Design Studio Stewart Woodruff talks about the necessity for being honest with all communications

Over the last three years, I have hoped to provide my fellow kitchen and bathroom companies some advice, and help with the running of their business.

I am continually learning and reading as many books as I can to gain further insight into encouraging potential customers to choose me before anyone else.

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This is a constant struggle, hence the reason why I try to learn as much as I can from others who have succeeded in their field. Although, I honestly cannot say that it has helped every time, and on many occasions I can’t see some of the ideas working in our industry.

Yet, we must try to continually find ways to encourage clients to choose us. We have to make sure that we see them right through the process to ensure they love their final product, ideally to the extent that they would recommend us to their friends – ensuring a continual stream of clients.

Guarding against complacency

Every job cannot be a resounding success and, despite your best endeavours, there are times when the job will not go smoothly.

Recently, I have had projects where I have been to blame for not checking my deliveries, and even ordering the wrong product.

When business is busy, it is easy to make mistakes, but it can have a profound effect on a job. I recently ordered the wrong handing on a bespoke tray, resulting in the project being delayed by three weeks – all I could do was apologise and take the criticism.

Communication is key

As long as you communicate with your clients, then there is no reason why you cannot keep them happy. But this is one of the crucial factors that can easily go wrong.

Such as, you can leave the communication to other members of your team. This is one of the most vital elements for keeping your customer happy; keeping them involved in the process, advising them at the end of each day what has been achieved, and what tomorrow will bring.

This all helps foster a relationship with your client, and it should be followed by every member of your staff, and all your sub-contracted workers.

Your staff should be working with your interests at heart and looking at the wider picture; happy clients help further your business.

Recommendations are the cheapest and most efficient way of gaining new business: they’re prequalified, they know how you work and what you’re capable of, and they don’t cost a thing.

So, if you don’t do anything else, just try to explain your work ethic, help staff who struggle communicating with clients, and explain how you want everyone to treat your customers. Simply communicating with them can reap benefits for everyone in your company.

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