2020 | We’re all in this together

2020 is rallying round to offer solutions to help businesses cope.

30 Apr, 20

2020 has issued the following message to the industry: “We recognise the current Covid-19 situation presents a challenge for us all, both personally and from a business perspective. At 2020, our primary focus is the health and well-being of our employees, customers and partners. We are fortunate that all our global staff are currently working as normal, albeit remotely from home. This enables us to put all our collective energy and creativity into reducing the amount of disruption for our customers by offering our assistance in the following ways.

“We are ready to help existing customers in gaining access to their license or any additional licenses they may need, as well as trial subscriptions. We will work with them to find solutions to keep them connected and productive whilst working remotely. We encourage them to reach out if needed.

“We are offering online training classes to help our customers continue to develop their skills on 2020 Fusion. There are discounts on popular classes and custom training plans for those with specific individual needs. Please visit our training section on our website for further information and booking.

“In addition, our support agents are working around the clock to maintain the level of service our customers depend on for their business and will be happy to assist them. We invite them to contact 2020 as they normally would to reach our service.

“Everyone in the industry is encouraged to read our blog post on coronavirus and view our webinar and blog article on working remotely, both dealing directly with the current situation, providing insight, information, and inspiration on how best to harness all available tools and methods to weather the storm.

“All are welcome to join us on Facebook Live for “Tips and Tricks” sessions on 2020 Fusion every Tuesday and Thursday at 3pm BST. Please follow us on social media for updates and information.

“In these uncertain times, there are brighter days that lie ahead.

“All of us at 2020 hope that you and your loved ones remain safe and well.”