KBSA: Energy Label probe won’t dent confidence

21 Feb, 14

Trade association, the KBSA says consumer confidence will not be affected by investigation into energy efficiency claims

Chief executive of the Kitchen Bedroom Bathroom Association (KBSA), Graham Ball does not believe consumer confidence will be dented by an invetigation into manufacturers claim over energy efficiency.

According to the Energy Saving Trust, 20% of energy-using products do not match their Energy Label’s energy claims. It will now undertake a three-year mystery shop progamme, purchasing around 25,000 products, to test manufacturers’ claims.

He agrees with the views expressed by the Association of Manufacturers of Domestic Electrical Appliances (AMDEA), which supports having regulations consistently reinforced by the appropriate product standards across the EU.

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Ball said: “Responsible manufacturers have nothing to fear from market surveillance on energy efficiency labelling. Whilst not wishing to disregard the original findings by Energy Saving Trust, this is most likely to be seen as another bureaucratic EU directive than a serious threat to the integrity of appliance manufacturers.” 

He continued: “The study will take place over three years so we will have to await the result but I do not think that we will see any dent in confidence from consumers that has an impact on retailers.”