PJH rebrands its business

10 Sep, 15

Redesigned logo and strapline ‘together we’re better’

Bathroom, kitchen and appliance distributor PJH has rebranded its business with a redesigned logo featuring the strapline ‘together we’re better’.

It will feature on the company’s communications in the coming months, from its online presence through to its vehicle livery.

The rebrand follows customer research, as well as an internal appraisal of the company’s culture and attitude, to more closely define the approach it is taking to its customers.

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CEO of PJH, Andrew Yates commented on the rebrand and messaging: “We believe in better and we believe that ‘together we’re better’. For many years we have talked about ‘making a difference’ by being a leading supplier of kitchen, bathroom and appliance products, so it is a natural evolution of this approach to define the partnerships we have with our customers and the high value that we place on them as, together, we take our business forward.”

He continued: “Our detailed research has helped us understand how important working together is with our customers, supporting their success, and developing mutually beneficial relationship that last and grow year-on-years. Since the kbb trading market is ever-changing, we know, as a company, we must continue to be flexible and adaptive in our approach and in everything that we do to provide a first class service. As a result we are building on this approach and defining our attitude and culture to ensure we remain a leading supplier in what is an increasingly competitive marketplace.”