22 Oct, 13

Scoop a top-of-the-range combi fridge freezer

Expiry date: 2013-11-30

The Fisher & Paykel E402BRX4 ActiveSmart Fridge boasts a microprocessor which controls the temperature of its interior, based on changing patterns of use. Sensors inside the fridge monitor temperature fluctuations and the microprocessor adjusts the variable speed fans and compressor to maintain a constant temperature. Its ability to respond to daily use means it only uses the energy it needs to keep food fresh. In addition, the fridge freezer boasts SmartTouch controls, removable glass shelves which are designed to prevent drips and spills throughout the cavity, slide out bins and EZKleen stainless steel doors. The E402BRX4 ActiveSmart Fridge Freezer measures 1695mm high, 635mm wide and 715mm in depth. Its top-mounted ActiveSmart Fridge has a capacity of 273 litres, while the freezer below has a volume of 91 litres