Aqualla | Providing retailers a competitive edge at Kbb 2024

Marketing manager of Aqualla Brassware and Adamsez Julianna Andrews on how its products and partnerships provide a competitive edge for retailers  

28 Jan, 24

Marketing manager of Aqualla Brassware and Adamsez Julianna Andrews on how its products and partnerships provide a competitive edge for retailers  

Aqualla | Highlighting what makes the company unique at Kbb 2024

Q: Why have you decided to attend Kbb Birmingham, and how important are trade shows to your business?

A: Our presence at Kbb Birmingham is a strategic investment to foster connections, showcase our new products, and stay ahead of industry trends.

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Trade shows such as kbb provide a dynamic platform and opportunity to stand out in the market.

We’re not just showcasing new and innovative products but highlighting what makes us unique.

Our goal is to demonstrate how choosing Aqualla and Adamsez gives retailers a competitive edge in terms of product quality and the support and partnership we offer.

It’s our opportunity to show Aqualla and Adamsez’s human side, connect on a personal level with retailers, and let them know that we’re not just about transactions; we’re about building lasting partnerships that contribute to their success.

Q: What is the story of your stand, and what are your hero launches?

A: Our stand aims to visually represent our brand ethos and commitment to providing innovative solutions.

It is designed to give visitors a feel of who we are as well as showcase our new products in a visually impactful way.

The new product launches embody our dedication to innovation, sustainability, and customer-centric design.

Each product tells a story of our continual pursuit of excellence and our response to the evolving needs of consumers in the dynamic market.

Q: Who would you like to attract to the stand, and what will be the benchmark of success for you?

A: Our goal at Kbb Birmingham is to meet with existing and potential industry partners and understand their needs.

The benchmark for success will be based on the quality of our engagements, not quantity.

We want to connect with those who share our vision for the future of the industry, establishing and strengthening relationships that contribute to long-term mutual growth and success.

Q: What will be the greatest challenge/opportunities for KBB retailers in 2024?

A: The industry’s challenge and opportunity in 2024 revolve around adapting to changing consumer preferences and leveraging technology for sustained growth.

Consumers are increasingly prioritising sustainability, digital integration, and unique experiences.

The challenge will be seamless integration while maintaining operational efficiency.

The opportunity for kbb retailers could be utilising technology to enhance customer engagement, streamline processes and personalise experiences, placing them as leaders who can meet the ever-changing demands and expectations of the market.