Cosentino UK continues digital outreach plan

Webinars are available throughout June.

03 Jun, 20

Without the usual meetings, events and projects happening, Cosentino UK has invested its time in creating online content to inspire and educate its customers, as well as offering them one-to-one video calls and consultations with its key staff to keep business flowing. By providing a multi-faceted online presence, Cosentino UK hopes to bring together the best of the industry to talk about their experiences, share advice, and pull together to get through this unprecedented situation.

Following on from the successful City Live! initiatives which brought talks from a number of high-profile architects and designers to its private YouTube channel, Cosentino UK continues to support its customers by running a series of webinars, panel discussions and training presentations. Created for kitchen and bathroom studios, fabricators, architects, designers and housebuilders, the digital offerings provide personal and business-related content for the industry currently on lockdown and beyond.

UK Area Director, Paul Gidley, said: “Being on the front-foot with supporting our customers was Cosentino’s number one priority once lockdown kicked in. Translating our usual personal approach onto online has taken some careful planning, but the feedback we’ve had from our first couple of webinars has been fantastic. Everyone has been thrown out of their comfort zone in some way, so we wanted to be a trusted point of contact for the industry to help guide them through and out the other side.”

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Advice sessions on increasing sales during lockdown, presentations on Cosentino’s latest launches and information on its loyalty schemes are just some of the topics which are covered by its sessions.

Cosentino UK continues digital outreach plan